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Have you ever wondered what your face shape is and how it can influence your choice of hairstyles, glasses, beard or mustache? Your face shape is a key element in defining your unique beauty, and understanding it can help you make more informed style decisions. In this article, we’ll take you through three easy steps to determine your face shape. So, if you’ve ever asked yourself, “What is my face shape?” then read on to discover the secrets hidden within your own reflection.

Before we dive into the process of determining your face shape, let’s first familiarize ourselves with the common face shapes.

The Most Common Face Shapes

There are generally seven common face shapes:

common face shapes

Your shape type is determined by the relative proportions of your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. To determine your face shape effectively, you’ll need to take precise measurements and closely observe your facial features.

Let’s Measure Your Face Shape

We’re going to look at three different points: your mid-face, your jaw, and your forehead. First, look at your jaw. If your jaw and your forehead is both a little wider than your mid-face, this means you have a more rectangular face, okay? Now, if your jaw is a little bit narrower than your mid-face and your forehead, then that means you have more of a diamond face shape. And last but not least, if your mid-face is wider than both your jaw and your forehead, then this means you have more of a round or oval face shape. Let’s now delve deeper into the steps for measuring your face.

Measure Your Forehead Width

To start, measure the width of your forehead. Next, utilize a flexible measuring tape or a piece of string to measure from one hairline to the other, passing over the top of your head. Make sure to note down the measurement for reference.

Measure Your Cheekbone Width

Next, measure the width of your cheekbones. Place the measuring tape or string across your face, just below your eyes, following the contour of your cheekbones. Write down this measurement as well.

Measure Your Jawline Width

The last measurement you need to take is the width of your jawline. Start from the point just below your ear, across your chin, to the other ear. Record this measurement.

Determine Your Face Shape

Now that you have gathered the measurements of your face, determining your face shape becomes a straightforward task.

1. Oval Face

  • Forehead width is slightly greater than the cheekbone width.
  • Cheekbone width is the greatest of the three measurements.
  • The jawline features a gentle, subtle curve.

2. Round Face

  • Forehead, cheekbone, and jawline widths are very close or equal.
  • It has a softly curved jawline, with no sharp angles.

3. Square Face

  • All three measurements (forehead, cheekbone, jawline) are relatively similar in width.
  • The face boasts an angular jawline, and the chin displays a square shape.

4. Heart Face

  • Forehead width is greater than cheekbone width.
  • The chin points and is narrower than the forehead.

5. Diamond Face

  • Cheekbones are the widest part of the face.
  • Forehead and jawline are narrower and roughly equal in width.

6. Oblong or Long Face

  • Forehead, cheekbone, and jawline widths are similar.
  • The face is longer and narrower in appearance.

7. Triangle Face

  • Your measurements may feature a forehead width greater than your cheekbone width.
  • Your jawline may exhibit a slightly wider appearance, forming a triangular shape.

With newfound clarity, you can now confidently identify your unique face shape. Furthermore, I hope this knowledge will empower you to elevate your style and make informed beauty choices.


Understanding your face shape is the first step in enhancing your natural beauty. After identifying your shape type, you can make more informed choices about hairstyles, eyewear, and even your clothing to perfectly complement your unique features. Remember, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and knowing your shape type can help you highlight your best attributes and express your individuality with confidence. So, the next time you ask yourself, “What is my face shape?” you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to answer that question and own your stunning, distinctive look.

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